Invitation to the team match with CCI

  Dear Friends,

The correspondence chess club CCI invited us to a team match.

The start is scheduled to the 1st quarter 2017.

Principally, the games of this match shall be played normally by post.
By mutual agreement of the players involved, it will also be possible to transmit moves by email.

The time of reflection will be 40 days for 10 moves.

Given that there are many players who are active members of both clubs, it was decided that these players would be allowed to play simultaneously in both teams (of course, not against themselves)

Werner Löffler will hold this post for CCI.

Our friend Alfred Stummerer will be the Team Captain of the CiF team.

+ Alfred Stummerer
Fahngasse 6/1/Top 15
A-1220 Wien
( 0043 680 2471822
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